BUG of Kigens Anti-Cheat v1.

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BUG of Kigens Anti-Cheat v1.

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Hi Guys i installed Kigens Anti-Cheat v1. of my serwer it's Non Steam Version v34 and i have problem im not sure did this is bug...

So the problem is auto update of my Anti Cheat i ill show u logs

L 06/10/2013 - 20:41:44: [kigen-ac-pub.smx] Updater: Received unknown HTTP code from server during version check. Update failed!

Im not sure but i think this auto updating doing reset on my serwer , most of times on the same time when i see the auto update on logs serwer geting reset

What i can do to fix it?

And this version of kac Kigens Anti-Cheat v1. it's good for old source?
i downloaded it from this site http://yourserv.ru/cs_source/serverscss/7067-v34-cwmix-server-by-bezzpaleva.html , they say there this version is the best for old css

Regards Daniel
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Re: BUG of Kigens Anti-Cheat v1.

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We do not provide support for cracked Steam.