Unban Request...

Protest your ban here, even if you think it was a bug.
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Unban Request...

Post by anarki45 »

hi all, My steam id is STEAM_0:0:8214768 I just want to know if I can be unbanned I dont know what was the problem, so if u guys can do something, or if not thank you anyway, I just google it my steam id and this is what it said

Ban Details
Player ak47
No Demos
Steam ID STEAM_0:0:8214768
Steam Community 76561197976695264
IP address
Invoked on 03/16/10 02:14
Banlength Permanent
Expires on Not applicable.
Reason KAC: ConVar sv_cheats violation
Banned by Admin KAC
Banned from 24/7 Dust2 n00bsalad.net|No Lag|No Bots|GameME|...
Total Bans No previous bans

and what does means? "KAC: ConVar sv_cheats violation" thank you.
(logically I think that means that I cheated :oops: ).
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Re: Unban Request...

Post by nightrider »


Checking 'STEAM_0:0:8214768'...
Steam ID is on the banlist.

You were banned for cheating, why do you ask ?
Reason KAC: ConVar sv_cheats violation
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Re: Unban Request...

Post by Kigen »

KAC ban is valid for cheating.

Ban will remain forever.