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In regards to recent events

Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 4:15 pm
by Kigen
The Kigen's Anti-Cheat download link and Google Code repository are back online.

More information will follow tomorrow.

Re: In regards to recent events

Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 2:56 am
by Kigen
Hello KAC users,

In regards to recent events, I feel that I acted rash in pulling support for KAC on SourceMod due to a vocal minority. I realize now that my actions not only affect them but had a large impact on the quiet majority. Over 2,000 server use KAC day in and out to protect them from exploits and cheaters. It was not wise of me to pull support from these people. I express my deepest apology to the people affected by my rash actions.

Now, in light of this I am proud to announce that development for KAC on SourceMod will continue. I still welcome useful contribution from anyone willing. It would be much appreciated.

- Kigen